Don’t Resolve–Create!

Don’t Resolve–Create!
by Jackie Foskett, CH

I personally like the idea of “starting anew” on January 1st. We get the opportunity to feel refreshed and be excited about what is to come–all the things we want to do, accomplish and change. Naturally, this new year seems like the perfect time to get it all done.

So, it’s resolution time, right? This year I’ll exercise more. This year I’ll go out more with my friends. This year I’ll read more books. This year I’ll save more money and so on.

Yet studies show 4 out of 5 people do not follow through on their resolutions. What happens to those good intentions? According to experts, the reasons are multi-faceted. Most often, failed resolutions occur because people make:
– Resolutions that are too broad
– Too many resolutions with limited resources for change
– Resolutions at the last minute
– Resolutions about what troubles them on New Year’s Eve

How, then, do we succeed in our resolutions? I’d like to assert that success comes in doing away with them altogether–leaving behind the inevitable “to do” list and “should do” baggage.

Imagine instead: Creating your life in this current year! Create your life this year by using the power of your mind first. It’s all about imagination–the key to opening the doors that align your energies and fulfill your desires. By using this key, you allow appropriate actions, events and circumstances to become available to you. As a result, life feels exciting, rewarding and renewed. Take a moment to begin creating your 2008 using the powerful technique below.


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  • I was examining some of your blog posts on this internet site and I think this website is very informative ! Keep posting.

    • Thank you. I hope you are creating your life from where you want it to be!


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