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Continuing on from last week’s Tips for Keeping Your Sanity and more over the Holidays!

If you celebrate Christmas, it’s only 2-3 days away…and you may at this time find yourself either in a tizzy with still a lot on your to do list, or possibly wondering how all the get togethers will go…or maybe you are simply exhausted from all you’ve already done and wish you could have some down time.

Whatever is happening for you…I have a couple of tips, in addition to the one you received a week ago, to help soothe you into the holidays and the New Year!

You may already know these tips/tools from reading my e-news in the past, but, they are tried and true and work.

And, as this time of the year can be stressful for many people, it’s a good time to re-visit these “tools” that support your well being.

So, here’s the next few tips to support you during this time-and anytime!

Tip #2-Take a few mindful breaths and think about all you’ve already accomplished.

I call this “Success Journaling.”

Write down 3-5 things you want to call a success.

They can be very small things-it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you change your focus from looking at what still needs to be done or what is not going right…to what has gone right, what has gotten done.

This shift in focus also shifts your energy. When we look at our successes, it feels good. They’re wins!

We get a hit of dopamine-a brain biochemical that has us feel good when we get a win.

Keep looking for wins and your brain will want more…and start finding them much more easily…and you’ll notice you feel so much lighter!

Give it a whirl-I know you’ll like it.

Tip #3-Gratitude/Appreciation journaling

This goes right along with success journaling.

It changes the focus from what is missing to what you already have. It opens you up to receiving what is in front of you. Again, it shifts your energy from the more heavy negative realm to a much more mindful and loving energy.

You can take a some focused deep breaths…with or without your fingers (get refreshed here) place your hand on your heart.

Breathe into your heart as though it were your lungs, and think about who and what you appreciate in your life.

Write down what comes to your mind-your heart because it sinks in better when you write, rather than just thinking about it.

Write in the “I am” form, as anything that follows “I am” is a powerful statement/declaration.


I am grateful for all the holiday lights I see.

“I am grateful for my family”

“I am grateful for my health.”

Write 3-5 items with focused attention and you’ll notice how much easier the day goes from that time forward.

Tip #4- Keep healthy boundaries!

Are you saying yes, when you’d rather say NO? When you establish healthy boundaries for yourself, you are saying YES to you, your needs and not simply being a people pleaser.

Yes, it’s the season of giving…yet if you are over giving out of feelings of obligations, you aren’t really in the spirit of giving anymore. You’ll find yourself being resentful and maybe even angry. Not so great for having peace within, is it?

So, practice saying NO. It’s a complete sentence. Or you could simply say, I can’t do that at this time. You don’t need explanations. You simply need to take a stand-put the stake in the ground for you. You’ll find it’s freeing and you’ll be freed up to enjoy what you really want to do.

Perhaps, relax?!

I hope these few tips will support you over the next few days as well as into the New Year so you can enjoy your holiday season and step into the New Year from a more calm and joyful place.


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Let me know how these tips have worked for you.

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Wishing you a joyous holiday and a very Happy New Year!



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