Making the decision comes first!

If you or someone you know has struggled with getting rid of excess weight has gone down the “COVID Weight Gain” tunnel, then I know you’ll appreciate the next article.

I’ve had my own experience with weight gain struggles over the years.

It was never a lot of weight-maybe 10-12 pounds, but since I’m a small person, that 10-12 pounds made a big difference for me.

And, it happened slowly…so it wasn’t an overnight realization.

Along the way, as I did notice some upticks on the scale, I’d tell myself-oh well it’s an age thing…it’s to be expected… what’re a few pounds, etc.

But the truth is that I wasn’t feeling good about that reasoning. I felt like I was failing, I felt like I was lying to myself, making excuses, and not taking a stand for being my best self in all areas: my body, my mind, my emotions, and my spirit.

In January 2020, I made a decision, which continued to prompt other daily decisions and had my body naturally release weight-without me even having that as a goal!

What was that decision, you might wonder?

It was simple-I made the decision to do my very best to take care of my body and stop looking for all the “right” diet plans.

I did do research on some better ways to feed and support my body, so food choices were a part of the process for sure, but the biggest thing was making that decision and once I did-I was all in!

When I grocery shopped and went past the bakery department, instead of looking at those cookies I used to battle about buying–and then often times buy them-I simply made a decision based on my big decision.

I decided once again that in the moment I was making the decision to not buy those cookies or even long for them because I was wanting to do my very best to take good care of myself.

That made it easy to just forget about them.

And, to remind myself even further, I’d tell myself:

“That was what I used to do-I don’t do that anymore”

And, I was able to tell myself that because I was connected to my decision-to be and feel my best and take good care of myself. it wasn’t who I was in this moment.

Each day, sometimes many times a day, I was making decisions based on my “why” and my big decision.

Some of my decisions were to eat more plant-based meals, to explore new ways to cook without chicken or pork, as well as how I was going to move my body-especially when it came time for everything to shut down and there was no more going to the gym.

My husband and I loved doing yoga at the gym, so we decided together to do a yoga routine every morning.

Then, since we were home all the time, and we both like to walk, we decided to walk every afternoon.

Eventually, we decided to add in 2 days of strength training to our weekly schedule.

And, as of today, these routines are all still in place.

There are some days when I consciously decide it’s ok to take a break from a particular workout, but it is followed by another decision to pick it back up as soon as it’s feasible-which is usually within a day or two.

I’ve really come to realize that it’s one decision after another-which all add up-and eventually become second nature.

After a few months of those conscious one after one decisions, I found I naturally dropped those excess 10-12 pounds.

My clothes fit better now and I am feeling very healthy and confident with my morning and afternoon decisions to move my body.

I wanted to share this with you because the article below is all about how using your mind to make those decisions in the direction you want to go in, is so vital and is one of the best tools you have.

I hope my story inspires you to decide to make changes you’ve been wanting to make, or to decide you can achieve the goals you want-whether they be for getting rid of excess weight or something else.

Lastly, my wish in sharing this is for you to really get how it all starts first in your thoughts of why you want to do what you want and then making that decision to achieve it.

And, yes, you will most likely, at least initially, still have some of the old thought patterns wanting to come in and take you away from your “why.”

They’ll try to make you think you’re making a good decision to stay the same and not do anything differently.

Those types of thoughts can be tricksters.

But the more you are clear on what it is you want and stay connected to your “why,” the faster those old thought patterns will no longer have any influence on those everyday little decisions that keep you on your path!

Achieving your desired outcomes is easier than you think when you use your powerful mind in the best way!

Cheers to you, your decisions, and your success!


P.S. I’d love to know what you think about the article and how it might apply in your life.

Just comment below!

I promise to respond back!


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