It’s the Month of Love! Are you feeling it?

It’s the Month of Love! Are you feeling it?

Welcome to the month devoted to love! When we think of love, during this month of February, we are usually thinking about love in our primary relationships. Of course there are many other kinds of love, the love we have for our children and families, our friends, our furry children, someone who inspires us…and I’m sure you could name many more.

Naturally, all of these various types of love relationships are significant, but one of the most significant love relationship, is self love. Be sure to read on Self Love: the Ultimate Relationship. As a Stress Relief Specialist, I can tell you this is an area that generates a lot of stress for many people.

Talking about the relationship with oneself…I’m happy to say, on February 6th, I entered a new decade! Turning 60 is quite a milestone for me. I’m sure there must be a mistake, because, really I only feel about 40, maybe 45! So, I decided to celebrate this magnificent turn of my life with a dance party. I love dancing, always have. Danced at parties in my teens, went out dancing in my twenties and thirties and kept dancing at home to music that makes my feet and body move as part of my activities to keep my body healthy.

So, on Saturday, February 11th, I’ll be dancing to music of the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s with friends and family right along with me. It’s my way of taking good care of me…of loving me…by making sure I’m doing something I love and with people I love! I’d love for you to join in, wherever you are, and allow your spirit to move your body to some music you love. I promise, if you let go and go for it, it will feel good, bring on lots of endorphins (those feel good hormones) and get you connected to YOU and all who you really are. When you are connected to YOU, you naturally feel love.

Wishing you loads of love this month….and every month after,


Would love to hear all about your relationship with you.  Put your comments in below!


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  • Happy Birthday, Jackie! Welcome to that special group of women who are “savoring our sixties” — 60 plus and still living with joy, passion, and meaning.

    How was the dance party?

    • Bonnie, my dance party was soooo great! I had such fun! I really, literally, stepped into my sixties, savoring every moment of it. Thanks, Bonnie. I will continue savoring my sixties as I move forward in joy!

  • Hope this finds you and your family and friends sharing an evening of love, laughter and celebration of your birth day.

    Happy Birthday!!

    John and Barbara Boling

    • Hi John & Barbara,
      Thank you for the kind wishes. I’m a bit late in responding to my blog, aren’t I?
      Had a fantastic bday celebration on the day of my birthday and on my party day! Wow, I feel so blessed to have such
      great people in my life! I will continue dancing with joy for each day forward! That’s my new motto! And mantra:
      Dance each day with joy!


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