It’s been a while!

Before I tell you about the “Mind Movie,” I created, I first have to tell you:

I’m a bit embarrassed.

I have been so focused on other things that I missed sending out an e-zine in April. I almost didn’t get one out for May, but there’s still a few days left, so whew, I made it!

Has this ever happened to you:

You know you need to do something that’s important to you, but somehow it keeps falling down on the list of things to do?

What’s interesting, is this is similar to the issue I address in my book: how women who take care of everyone but themselves, end up putting themselves way on the bottom of the priority list. They know taking care of themselves is important, but somehow it falls down below all those other things to do and people to take care of.

Obviously this problem applies not only to self care, but to other areas in our lives, too. We need to stay connected with what’s important and keep placing it at the high end of that proverbial to do list.

If we don’t give it high priority, it will get lost in the abundance of things we can give our attention to.

My apologies for having lost my attention to my e-zine/blog and ultimately to you. I have missed connecting with you here via “Mind Matters.”

You can now expect to see “Mind Matters” consistently once again!

Now, about my “Mind Movie.” It’s a slide show of images that will take you on a short journey…similar to a meditation. It’s only a few minutes long, so you can use it as a stress relief break or a simple needed break in your day. You will emerge feeling more calm and connected within!


As always, I invite you to share your thoughts, what you like about the articles, offers, things about hypnosis whatever conversation you’d like to have. I love hearing from you. Let’s dialogue and keep engaged.

Love to hear how you like this blog article!


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