Inspiration for Upcoming Mothers’ Day

Inspiration for Upcoming Mothers’ Day

I’m making this super quick.

Mother’s Day is happening on May 8th.

Whether you are a mother or not, we all have a mothering aspect to us.

We mother our human children as well as our furry children, our friends sometimes, and our gardens, too.

Mothering is a verb.

And, sometimes we need some R&R from all that mothering!

So, today, I’m offering you some ways to get that R & R either for yourself or as a gift for the mothers in your life!

Check out the package of audios I put together to support mothers in getting the mental, emotional and physical re-boot they need to keep being their awesome selves.

Mommy Re-boot

The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone But Themselves is a book I wrote back in 2015.

It contains many tools, tips and strategies for tackling the stress in our lives which in turn points us in the direction of happiness.

Give the Gift of Relaxation by purchasing one of the many audios created and recorded by me that guides you into deep relaxation and connects you to your powerful subconscious mind, where your inner wisdom resides.

Check them all out here.

I hope these offers inspire you to gift either yourself or a mother you care deeply for so the mothers of the world can be given the love and appreciation they deserve.

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