Exercise & Happiness-What’s the Connection?

Exercise & Happiness-What’s the Connection?
Exercise & Happiness-What's the Connection?

Having a bad day? Feeling down? One of the ways to increase your happiness level is to exercise-move your body!

Moving our bodies releases those wonderful feel-good hormones called endorphins, as well as other mood-enhancing bio-chemicals—and they are all legal!?

The effects of these mood enhancers can last up to 12 hours! That’s a lot of mood enhancement without putting artificial chemicals in your body!

Exercise also works on reducing the levels of stress hormones that get produced when we’re stressed and anxious.

So, not only are we getting a boost of mood enhancers, we’re getting a double the effect by having those constrictive, contracting stress hormones be lessened.

What a deal, eh?

Walking is one of the easiest exercises to do if you are able to walk.

You could walk on a lunch break, take your child out in a stroller, meet up with friends to walk and chat, and if you have a dog-you get the extra bonus of knowing your pet is getting their mood enhancers, too!

Getting out in the fresh air is another plus when taking a walk, as fresh air can revive us after being in the same indoor environment for long periods of time.

If you can’t get outside, at least walk in a mall or around your workplace…or even do laps around your house.

Just get moving-remember, this is about up-leveling your happiness and counteracting stress!

Of course, there are various classes you could take, too, as gyms and studios have opened up now, you could ride a bike as well, but just start easy, if this is a new habit you’re trying to establish, start small, but just start.

Your well-being and happiness are counting on you!

What’s your commitment to your happiness?

Are you ready to move your body more in order to increase your happiness?

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