Gratefulness is the Vitamin C of Daily Life

Gratefulness is the Vitamin C of Daily Life
Gratefulness is the Vitamin C of Daily Life

Gratefulness is a very potent practice for up-leveling your happiness.

It’s like taking regular doses of Vitamin C to support your health and immunity.

Being in Gratitude is even more powerful. It works on your emotional and mental well being!

Here’s how it works: when we appreciate all that we have-especially the good things in our lives, it expands us.

Practicing gratefulness on a daily basis has us focus on those things that fill us up and keep us present.

When we are filled up-we’re not in a state of “lack” or “wishing” we had something else, were someone else, weighed differently, had a different body, had different parents, etc.

Instead, it brings us into a state of grace, a state of ease and joy.

Naturally, doing this daily is bound to contribute to your overall happiness.

Here are a few ways to practice gratitude daily:

Start your day with gratitude.

  • Make it a practice to start thinking about or writing down what you are grateful for
  • Spend a few minutes-doesn’t have to take long at all, in fact, once you tune into being grateful and appreciative, you’ll find it flows easily.
  • Perhaps as you’re waking up, you might think about all the people you are thankful for. Maybe as you’re having that first cup of coffee or tea, you might think about all the things in your life that you love and are thankful for.
  • Look around your environment and see what lights you up and feel and acknowledge your gratitude for your home, your yard, your kitchen, the birds, your furry kid/s, etc.
  • You could think about what you are grateful for that happened the day before…and what you are grateful for that will be happening during your day.

End your day with gratitude.

  • Take some quiet time-even 5 minutes is great-to simply acknowledge what you are grateful for that happened in your day.
  • You might focus on the people you encountered during the day that made you smile, that felt good to be around.
  • Allow your mind to drift to all the pleasant people and things in your life and take note-either mentally or by writing them down.
    • Writing them down will give you an extra boost of “cementing what you acknowledge into your brain!

By starting or ending your day with a practice of gratitude, or doing it both morning and evening, you will find your mood improves, your life looks brighter and those little things that used to annoy you, just don’t have that much power to that to you anymore.

Now-that’s a formula for happiness!

Give it a whirl and share your results!

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