5 Ways to Add More Balance To Your Life

5 Ways to Add More Balance To Your Life

Balance is Key!

We need balance in order to live a happy and healthy life; everything in this world comes down to finding the proper balance.

Whether it’s in work life and home life, eating healthy and eating what makes you happy, doing stuff for others without neglecting yourself, etc., everything works better and goes more smoothly when you’ve got a balance.

Achieving said balance isn’t always the easiest thing, but here are five ways to introduce more balance into your life and get things going in the right direction.

Whether it’s finding more time to play or making sure your work is done in order to have more free time and feel less pressure, these guidelines can support you in enjoying this life you have right now.


1) Prioritize

Prioritizing and scheduling can be a great practice to start introducing more of a sense of balance to your life.

We all have busy lives and long to-do lists. We can’t get it all done all the time.

In order to find balance in our lives, we need to prioritize what needs to be done each day.

The tricky part to this is deciding just what is important. It’s easy to think it all is important, which can drive you into overwhelm, overload and out of balance. That’s stressful.

Try this: include 3 things that are musts for your work; 1 or 2 for family/relationships and 1 or 2 for your well being.

Your well being might be exercise, playtime or downtime.

Only you can decide what’s important and what should be prioritized in your schedule and when.


2) Set Goals

Setting both long-term and short-term goals can prove to be incredibly helpful in achieving a balance in your life.

It helps you keep your sights on what you want and what’s important to your life. It helps you focus on your path to a balanced life.

Short-term goals help you to track your progress as you work to achieve your long-term goals, and help you stay on track.


3) Be specific in your schedule and review it

If, in order to achieve more balance, your goals were to, say, spend more time outdoors, you’re more likely to complete it by saying “I’ll take a walk after dinner every Tuesday and Thursday,” then if you say “I’ll spend more time outdoors.”

By being specific, you set yourself up for success-not failure.

Once you’ve completed your schedule and are sure that you’re specific in the goals you want to achieve and the steps necessary to get there, you should review your schedule.

This is an incredibly important step allowing you to reflect on your goals and priorities to ensure everything is as you need and want it to be.


4) Find an accountability partner

An accountability buddy is someone who will support you in the visions/goals you’ve made for yourself, the priorities you’ve set, and the things you’ve said you’ve wanted to do and accomplish in order to live a life of balance.

It’s easier to find balance and stick to your goals and schedule when you have someone who is rooting for you!


5) Always keep the process in mind

Life isn’t just about what you achieve and what you get, it’s about the journey, the process.

In order to achieve an appropriate balance for yourself, you want to keep in mind that it’s more a progression and flow which will most likely change with different life cycles as well.

Remember, finding the right balance in your life can be challenging, yet doable and rewarding.

It’s well worth the exploration.

Be patient and easy with yourself as you explore and process how having a more balanced life works for you.

Need support in exploring how to have a more balanced life?

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