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April Is Stress Awareness Month!

Being overwhelmed and stressed out is taxing on both a mental, emotional and physical level. The negative impact of stress reaches far and wide in our culture of busyness, noise, and connectivity. Some medical experts report 85-90% of all illnesses have stress as an underlying factor! That’s huge! What are your stressors? During this month […]

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Create More Space in your life!

Create More Space in your life and have less busyness!   One of the things I’m most passionate about is guiding people in how to live their lives with less stress and more joy. Our culture seems to be rife with being overworked, overcommitted, overstressed, and over-busy. Just think back to the last few people […]

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Springtime daffodils

Springing into Space!

Personal notes on spring, space, and decluttering the mind! Spring has sprung and I’m loving it!  It feels so fresh and open to what is possible. Does it do that for you, too? There has been a lot of stressful energy this past winter. From some extreme weather conditions to negative political climates, practicing self-care […]

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Love & Healthy Heart Connection!

Connecting to Love makes a heart grow stronger! I know you’ve heard about an apple a day keeping the doctor away, but did you know self-care, (aka self-love) can help keep stress away? It’s true. And it really is quite simple. Ignore your own needs, desires and wants and you are bound to feel agitated, […]

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Presence-The Gift that brings on the Cheer!

Season’s greetings to you and yours! I just completed 2 live workshops and an online event focused on de-stressing during the holidays! From the responses and attendance, it certainly seems to be an important issue for most of us! I have lots of tools and “tips” to keep this holiday season feeling fresh and enjoyable […]

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