Where are you focusing your thoughts?

It’s feeling more and more like spring around here. The vegetation is getting more and more green and even though we don’t get really warm weather yet here in the Northwest, it’s definitely showing signs of warmer days to come. One of the surest sign out in the garden is the amount of weeds! Yup, there they are, showing their faces toward the warming days, lots of rain and so much more light, all the things those pesky things need.


Now, I’ve done “battle” with those weeds in the past, getting all upset by how many there are, how much work it requires and how it never seems to end. But over the years, I’ve changed (mostly) the way I respond to them. I know they will keep coming back, even when we’ve amended the soil, done the proper mulching and everything else shy of spraying chemicals. It’s a fact. They love our climate, they love our soil, they love being here, too.


So now instead of getting upset with their natural way of being, I decided to make peace with them. No, I still don’t like to see lots of weeds in my yard. I’d love to never have to see them again. Yet, I also know, if I only focus on them, I’ll miss out on all the beauty that my garden has to offer me. If I’m only focused on those weeds, I’ll completely miss out on how well everything is growing from that amending of the soil and the mulching we did. And, what I’d really miss is how good I feel when I look out and see our beautiful landscaping, our little “park” at our home. So, instead, whenever I want to start to complain about those darn weeds, I consciously chose instead to turn my attention to what really feels good, which is looking at the great shrubs, the blossoming flowers and the serenity it gives me and others.


As I move along in my year, I’m finding this to be a great reminder for me in so many other areas of my life, too: focus on what I like, focus on what feels good and what is in integrity with my authentic self. When I do, the other stuff, the “stuff” I don’t like, doesn’t get to drain my energy, or take me away from feeling my best. I feel connected to me, I feel “on purpose” and I feel more energized. I like that.


I’m certainly not at 100% in this arena of focusing, but I’d say I’m so much better than I ever used to be. It feels more natural these days to redirect my focus. It feels like I’m the one in charge, instead of that “primitive” fear based negative thinking brain. It’s a continuous blossoming for me and I’m grateful for the rich soil I get to grow in.


Ahhh…Springtime…it’s in the air, it’s all around us…it feels good and it feels inspiring.

And, it’s a choice to re-focus and choose my thoughts.  Check out the feature article on being in choice (or not) regarding money issues.


How is the springtime of your life going?

Warm regards,


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