What Lights You UP?

What Lights You UP?

“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.” ? Oprah Winfrey

My Personal Note to You:

I have been on a journey that has really “sparked the light” in me.

My husband and I went on an amazing 6-week adventure.

Just got back and I’m still reveling in the experience.

I have definitely had a reset, a refresh, and re-connecting experience!

It was all we hoped for and more and more!

Of course, there were challenges-especially due to COVID, and this wasn’t the easiest of times to travel internationally, but we’re vaccinated and were able to travel, we followed the protocols, stayed safe and went with the flow.

More about those adventures in the next e-news.

This next “tool/strategy” for stepping into your reset, refresh and re-connect mindset is in my book in Chapter 5.

I named that chapter Changing for Good-The Art of Self Care because when we really want to make consistent foundational changes, we need to delve a little deeper than so many of the quick stress relief tools can do.

Don’t get me wrong, those “quick” tools are so vital to have and when used consistently will definitely build that foundation of emotional resilience or inner calm.

Yet, there are some fundamental practices that you’ll want to have as well that will give you new perspectives about yourself so you can be curious, reflective, and make decisions on how to use this information you glean in order to live your best life.

This “next level” tool will be one that will feel good as you engage in it while inspiring you into taking action to feel more alive and “lit up!”

If you missed the previous e-news’ tools for resetting, refreshing, and re-connecting, click here to go to my blog on my website.




If you do what lights you up, your future will be brighter than the sun. ~Leesa Hubbard

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