Welcome to the Season of Holidays!

Welcome to the Season of Holidays!

It’s that time of the year again!

My experience this time of the year can either be lots of ho ho ho-ing or OMG where is the time going and how am I going to get everything done?

I have always loved the holiday season.  Show me anything  with red, green or other sparkly colors and I get all a ga-ga.  Add in the playful (Santa) and elegant (Angels) symbols of the season, and I’m in holiday heaven.

Yet, if I’m not being conscious about how to “do” the holidays, I can end up being quite stressed out.  This used to happen to me all the time.

Instead of feeling the magic of the season, I often ended up feeling more like the Grinch instead.

So, I don’t do that anymore…or at least if I find myself starting to even go down that road…I quickly remind myself what I truly want: to be connected with the wonder and magic of life, which connects me to the ultimate spirit of the season: Joy!

And, as I’ve been quite busy as the year winds down, I know now, more than ever, how important it is for me to keep myself grounded in what I really want this season. Otherwise, I’ll get out of balance, be an unhappy elf, and be disconnected from my joy.  That’s no fun!

This year, I’m looking forward to staying home, decorating (got it started this past weekend) and spending time with friends at small gatherings we’re planning (instead of hosting a big party).

It’s all about keeping tabs on what will keep me from getting stressed and what will bring me more joy and comfort, too!  I wish the same for you, too!


Please be sure to take a few minutes to read the feature article on “5 Powerful Tools to keep the Peace” so you can be tapped into your ho-ho-ho during your holidays!

And, if weight is an issue for you….you’ve got to read all about my new weight release program I’m now offering with a December “special”, too:


There are many other opportunities available, as well, to support you in having more comfort and joy this holiday season:

Check out  Healing Hypnotherapy Happenings!

Lastly, in case you missed the email card that went out last week, (as it only got mailed to half my readership for some unknown reason), I am writing a book on stress relief for women who take care of everyone else but themselves.  I’m looking for input on some questions I am posing.  It’s a short 3-5 minute survey, which your opinion is much appreciated. And you get two audio gifts, too!


Click:  Stress Relief Survey  to access page with survey and audios.


Here’s my heartfelt wish for you this holiday season:

May abundant health and well being flow through you as feelings of joy, peace and love shine brightly from within!




How do you plan to stay balanced and more calm during the holidays?

Or….what stresses you out about the holidays?

Comments welcome!

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