Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring, one of my favorite times of the year!

The energy this time of the year is so fresh and vibrant.   The days keep getting longer and there’s more and more life unfolding in Mother Nature’s gardens.

This fresh energy lends itself to feelings of renewal, like fresh starts. Just as those new growths of green are showing up, so too, can this time of the year be a time for letting go of the old and bringing on the new.

I’ve been finding myself spontaneously getting rid of things that no longer work for me as I go around my home and view the many little things I’ve managed to gather over the years.  It feels freeing to do so and I feel it opens up more space for new energy to flow in my home and my life in general.

Spring is a very interesting time of the year weather wise here in the Northwest.  Just this week, we’ve had rain and snow showers making us wondering what’s up with Mother Nature’s timing or is she having a little fun with us?!

Although it was pretty to see the snow falling from the sky and coating our yards with white, most of us are definitely looking for a bit more warmth and even some glimmer of sunshine right about now.

I always have to think, perhaps Mother Nature’s lesson for us here in this area of the world is to keep being flexible.  Spring can have an array of looks and feels, so we might as well let go of what it is we think it “should” be and simply go with the flow.

Going with the flow certainly makes it much more pleasant than griping about what you can’t control and getting upset about it.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Which brings me to the subject of stress or stress relief!

In the beginning of this year, I wrote how I am now focusing each of my e-zines’ articles on a different aspect of how stress affects so many of us. Some of the areas I am focusing on include stress in relationships, working moms’ stresses, stress in the workplace, financial stresses, stress around our bodies, stress & labor, to name a few.

I would love to have your feedback on what you think so far and any suggestions, as well as what type of stress triggers you need the most support with. Please email me, call me or post on my website blog. It’s possible you’ll see a survey from me in the near future, too, but for now, I’d love to have your input via any of the above ways.

These articles are created to support you in having the life you desire and love. Having less stress in your life brings you more in alignment to a fulfilled life. And, I love supporting you in using your powerful inner resources to access what you need to have your best life.

I want to be sure I’m giving you the best assistance possible through these articles, links, teleseminars and other resources, so please let me know how I can better serve you.

My plan is to keep Spring’s spirit of renewal fresh and alive in my ezines as we move forward in this year.

Be sure to check out the article “Is the Balancing Act Driving You Bonkers”

In appreciation,


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