mind over matter

mind over matter

Summertime Mode Adventures! In my book: The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone But Themselves, 2 tools for cultivating self care and long term stress relief are “tools” that will support you in having adventures this summer. Try this: Get out in Nature! To make it an adventure, engage your creative mind by paying attention to the colors you see, the textures of plants, what wildlife might be present, even the uniqueness of rocks. If you are with family or friends, you could even play a game of inspiring one another…

Check out this article I co-wrote with 2 other dental professionals. I love combining my two careers of dental hygiene and hypnotherapy.   I’ve been using these techniques I wrote about for many years now for any of my “needle” fearful patients, as well as for any patients who are generally anxious in the dental office. And, they work! Be sure to ask your dental professional if they can support you in using your powerful mind in overcoming fears around “needles” in the dental office. Here is the link to the article:   “Mind Over…

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