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How’s your year going so far? I know it’s only 20+ days into it, and you may just be getting your footing, but I’m finding it’s simply amazing how fast these first few weeks of the year are already going.  Are you experiencing the same?

I think, for me, it’s moving so rapidly because I am completely engaged in the process of creating. And… I’m loving it!  You know how it goes, when you are totally absorbed in something, the time just disappears.  Well, that’s been happening for me.  Not in the way it disappears when I’ve looked at too many emails or chased after one too many “shiny objects” on the internet, no, this is more of a higher energy, one that has me feeling excited with anticipation of what I can keep allowing into my life type.  It’s light and it’s fulfilling.  The time that has already gone by feels good, not like “oh my…didn’t get that done yet”.

Of course, I’ve had those experiences of time, but I’ve been learning along this journey that the more I am present to what is, and the more I keep holding my “vision” and its feeling in my heart, the less likely I am to feel heavy with stressful thoughts, regrets, and feelings of I haven’t done enough.

So, with all that prelude, I bet you’re wondering just what it is I’ve been up to in this creative process.  Well here goes: Drum roll, please!

Healing Hypnotherapy’s new laser focus is now on being a Stress Relief Specialist.

What is a Stress Relief Specialist and how will that benefit you?  How it will benefit you and the life you want is the most important aspect of what I’m now focusing in on.

Read “Benefits to You” to learn more.

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