Spring’s Invitation to YOU!

Spring’s Invitation to YOU!
by Jackie Foskett, CH

Welcome to Spring!  Ah…such a great time of the year.  I love how Spring shows us the beauty of Mother Nature and her renewal capacity as leaves unfold and color bursts forth.

There is an energy in the air that speaks highly of hope and possibility.  It’s refreshing after a long winter of Mother Nature’s hibernation, when she was resting and restoring.  I still get amazed each and every year at the grandeur of results she produces after seemingly lying dormant and doing “nothing” for all that time.

We know, of course, how important that rest and restoration period was, for without it, she would not have gathered enough energy to effectively produce the results she does in the Spring.  Even though we may have grown impatient while waiting for those signs of Springtime to spring forth, Mother Nature in all her wisdom simply knows the time will come.  Her patience and innate knowingness never doubt, worry or fret.

Mother Nature is a deliberate creator.
Mother Nature trusts the process.

She focused on her vision and purpose of trees having new growth, flowers dancing in the sun, and birds singing their beautiful songs.  She then gathered all the necessary components to her then rested and restored. She let go and knew it would all happen.

As the inevitable began to occur and new growth first appeared, sometimes storms have stomped on her new growth, but she doesn’t use that as an excuse to forgot about Spring, forget about her purpose.  No, she just has learned to dance in the rain (or snow).  She has a purpose, a vision. She is focused on what she wants.  And it happens.  She is in her “zone” creating and moving forward.  Pretty amazing, eh?

I so appreciate her wisdom, just as I appreciate her reminders of trust in the process.  She is a wonderful teacher of how life can flow well and in the right direction, if only we let it.  There are no excuses in her world.  She simply gets back on track, should she get waylaid.  She knows where she is going. And she knows it will happen.  She is an inspiration for creating and having a life full of beauty, joy and purpose.

I invite you to embrace and enjoy this season from a new perspective:

Mother Nature’s innate wisdom.

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