Spring is in the air!

Wow, it’s March already! Even though it’s officially winter, and many of you may still be experiencing winter weather, depending on where you live, March, for me, signals the beginning of Spring. I can feel it in the “air.” With the vernal equinox happening on the 20th, when there is equal daylight and equal darkness , it sure feels like “blossoming time” is coming soon.


Spring is the time for blossoming; a time of birth and renewal and I love watching how Mother Nature shows us what that looks like. I see spring bulbs starting to sprout their green stems up from the ground where they were safely gathering their energy during the long winter. I’m now noticing how some of the trees are beginning to display their lovely new green colored leaves, as they get ready to show their full beauty, and I hear the sound of the birds singing their songs as if they are celebrating the arrival of new life.


I find it interesting how it all happens so gradually and seemingly with ease, yet at the same time, so much had been going on “behind the scenes” before Mother Nature was ready to reveal the beauty we now get to appreciate.


I guess that’s what I love about Spring. It shows us beauty and gives us hope. It helps us quickly forget what had seemed dreary and dormant. It brings focus to the energy of renewal and we can’t help but feel the excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead.


And, even though it may still be too cool and wet here in the Northwest to get out there and work in the garden, the urge to start tending the yard is kicking in. You know the saying, “hope springs eternal!”, well that’s me as I look out the window, excited by what is yet to come!


What are you anticipating or excited about as we slip into this season of renewal?

Would love to hear your thoughts on what spring means to you.

Please comment below.


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Comments (2)

  • Spring is the start of longer evenings, poking in my garden to see what is coming up and to start thinking about cleaning the flower beds. I enjoy gardening.

    It is a good time as the weather gets warmer to go through my emergency supplies in the garage & replenish what is needed and maybe add a few new items – Wise food, upgrade my flashlight & rotate the food.

    Spring skiing is wonderful too. You got me going Jackie – thank you.

    • Right on, Paula! As we renew in Spring, so, too is this an excellent time to go through and see what needs to be replenished in our “emergency pacs”, so we’re always prepared! Thanks for the reminder!


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