Personal Notes on Summertime Mode!

As I write this, the summer solstice is right around the corner. It signals the beginning of summer.

For those of you who have been reading Mind Matters for a while, you know I love this time of the year. I call it “summertime mode!”

If you are new to Mind Matters, you’ll see how “summertime mode” plays an important role in connecting into our innate playful nature, which is definitely a stress reliever!

As mentioned in an earlier Mind Matters issue, this year I decided to stretch myself out of my physical comfort zone.

I’ve been doing longer walks and hikes, as well as body-functional exercises to train for my big challenge of backpacking part of the John Muir Trail in California. I’ll be doing about 75 miles or so of it. My amazing husband is planning on doing the entire 221 miles and more!

Talk about getting out of comfort zones!

So this year, my summertime mode has more scheduled time in it, yet, it’s all outdoors. Being outdoors does my heart and soul wonders.

The other part of this is that it requires a lot of preparation. That preparation: learning to dehydrate food for the trail, cooking food to dehydrate; find the right gear, doing longer walks, hikes than usual, planning menus, attending to minute details of how much weight to carry…and more….has had me make some choices about what is important to me.

It’s been an invitation for me to lean in and accept that it’s OK not to be “doing it all.”
It’s been an invitation for me to let go of some “should’s” I’ve had on my plate and focus instead on being more present to my current project.

It’s been an invitation for me to remember-where we put our attention, our energy goes.

Things change. It’s good to keep getting reminders of that. As I’ve put my focus on stretching outside my regular physical comfort zone this year and this new awesome adventure, I’ve learned to trust that other areas of my life will not fall apart. They may simply “look” a bit different than before.

What I’ve discovered is the more I’ve stopped worrying about them, the more everything seems to flow so much better. Have you ever had that experience?


And, this is my summertime mode-being in the flow. Being present to what is.


Would love to learn what you intend to do for your summertime mode.
Please comment below.

If you need any help in finding that sweet flow, be sure to schedule a
Get Relief Now Discovery Session” with me.

It’s free and you will come out so clear on what it is you need to do next to find that sweet spot of summertime mode!

Speaking of stress relief, I launched a “pilot” 6 Week Stress Relief Online Program and had 5 amazing women go through the program. Their results were definitely measurable for them and they now feel they have a solid foundation built of inner calm and the tools to navigate any rough waters they may encounter.

I plan to do a bigger launch sometime in the Fall, so be on the lookout to learn how this may be just the right thing for you as we segue from summertime mode into Fall mode–which is a short step away from Holiday mode! (will be here before we know it!)

Stay tuned, as that is the time of the year when being supported in having a strong foundation of inner calm will be especially useful.



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Comments (2)

  • I plan to golf, golf and take a summer trip to Lake Coeur d’Alene with my favorite women!

    Kim Hargraves
    • Sounds like a great plan for being in the summertime mode! Enjoy!!


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