Musings of the 2012 Holiday Season

With the Holiday season now in full swing, I want to take this moment and wish you, no matter what you choose to celebrate as your holiday, a wonderfully stress-free and joyful holiday season!

I’ve always enjoyed the Christmas season.  I am drawn to anything that even resembles the glitter and colors of the holidays.  All the lights, decorations and festivities seem to bring out the playful child in me, no matter what my age.

Recently, a friend of mine told me over the phone that she just saw Santa’s house in a shopping area she was driving into.

Well, out of the mouth of this “child” within me, came “Santa’s house??, really?” with such innocent awe, I even surprised myself.  I guess I was 5 years old again and thrilled to no end that there really was a Santa’s house!


Yet, with all my enthusiasm for the Holidays, I have noticed over the last few years, my tolerance for all the work they bring has diminished.


It was all stressing me out too much, with so much to do on top of my already active daily “to do” list.


I’ve changed so much of that now.  Stopped doing all the crazy gift giving to my wonderful, but distant relatives–especially when we all have enough “stuff” already.


Now, I only gift the young children and most of the time that is only if I’m going to see them.


I’ve also concluded that I don’t have to do all my fantastic decorating year after year.

Yes, I do love all that “stuff”.  Really, I do, but it’s a lot of work to get it all up and out of its boxes and it’s even more work to get it all back in at the beginning of January.


So, 2 years ago, I decided to do my decorating every 2 years.  The year I don’t, my husband and I travel and will forgo the decorating.

That’s what we did in 2010 and that’s what’s happening this year, too.


I must confess, I do miss the decorations in my house, but I also am very relieved to not do it this year.  I simply purchased a poinsettia and have some candles out, a wreath on the door and a few little things outside…but that’s it.


I’m enjoying looking at others’ decorations and feeling grateful for all the festive atmosphere in the stores and around town.


Next year, as I did last year, I’ll decorate in style (although I did notice I did even less than I used to) and have a holiday party and relish in it all.


It is in my choice of doing the Holidays in this manner that now has me “freed up”, not stressed and really enjoying the joy and connection spirit of the season.

And, isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?


How are your holidays going this year?


Please comment below and let’s get some discussions on how you can be less stressed and in more joy this holiday season!

Happy Holidays,

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