Is Laughter Really All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Is Laughter Really All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

My Personal Note to You:

Well, we’ve managed to slip right into October, haven’t we?

How are your tools for resetting, refreshing, and re-connecting going?

Have you experimented with them?

Click here and here to access the first 2 tools on my blog post if you missed them or need a refresher. ?

This next tip I’m going to share with you in this series of tips/tools for your Fall Reset is one that you may not even consider a “tool,” but it really is and it works.

Laughter & Humor!

I’m sure you’ve experienced the instant relief laughing can bring. Or perhaps you’ve been able to objectively look at some situation you got yourself into and were able to view it from a humorous place?

If you have, you know what I’m talking about. It truly can be “medicine” for the mind, body, and spirit to laugh and to observe with an eye for the humor in it.

I know when I am with my husband and/or friends and we get silly and laugh up a storm, it’s quite exhilarating. Some people are easy to laugh with and they may just be the person to call up if you needing a good laugh or a humorous perspective on worry, stress, or anxiety.

And, there are some other intentional ways you can get laughter and humor into your life!

Read the article here and start using the tools of laughter and humor to reset your mindset this Fall!




“If Laughter cannot solve your problems, it will definitely DISSOLVE your problems; so that you can think clearly what to do about them”Dr. Madan Kataria

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