How to Keep on the Path of Health and Wellness

How to Keep on the Path of Health and Wellness

How to Keep on the Path of Health and Wellness
by Jackie Foskett, CH

Last month, I introduced using simple Breathwork to release a stressful moment and/or gain a feeling of calmness for your health and well being. I also discussed portion sizes and simple ways to get movement into your life for overall health and wellness. So, how do you keep walking this path? How do you remember to BREATHE when in need of calming or stick to the appropriate portion for healthy eating? How do you keep your body moving regularly and easily?

A Written Commitment is Powerful
You make a commitment to yourself, that’s how! It’s your sacred promise to yourself. Write it down, place it where you can see it and then say it out loud to yourself on a daily basis. It works!

Writing is powerful because it engages your right brain-the area that is home to your subconscious. Then when you say it out loud and with focus, you are then working with both the right and left brain and conditioning your mind for success! I like to think of a commitment as an umbrella that covers all of one’s humanity. It embraces the promise, the mistakes, the lack of motivation, the forgetfulness, the fear, the resistance, the anxiety, the doubt, the anger, and any other feelings, and even the loss of purpose.

Choices that Honor Your Word
Commitment is the act of giving your word and then doing everything you can to make the CHOICES that honor your word. No matter how you are feeling, you have this umbrella to keep it all ok, and you keep coming back to that protection by CHOICE, choosing what is in alignment with your goal and your word for your health and well being.

Like any flight plan that goes from here to there, sometimes there will be lifts, drags, cross-winds, storms and even lightening that will cause you to deviate from the intended course. Yet, as the main objective is to arrive safely, you continue to make course corrections until you arrive at the goal. Non-serving attitudes say: “I can never do this, why bother, I’m so off course, what’s the use?” and so on. Commitment says: “oops, I’m off track, what I can do now?” or “where am I going? oh, yes, I said I would do (blank), I know what I can do now, I’m choosing to get back on course”. And you get back on. You have your Umbrella of Commitment to keep coming back to. You’re using your Umbrella of Commitment!

Making a Commitment for YOU Now
What commitment would you like to make for yourself right now? Example: I promise to treat myself with respect, to honor my body with good fuel, water, movement , rest and care. I promise to invest daily in my health and well being by making choices that are in alignment with my goal.

Notice How it Feels
Go ahead now and take a few minutes and write your commitment to yourself. Notice how it feels after you’ve done that. Notice how you feel in a week. Choose the Umbrella of Commitment and watch how you succeed!


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