Happy Holidays 2011!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


My husband and I just had a wonderful spontaneous holiday open house party this past Sunday.  It was something we decided to do just a few days before the event.  We knew not everyone would be available on such short notice, but it felt good to be able to open up and share the holiday spirit with some friends and neighbors who were able to attend.

That to me is the Spirit of the Season…to gather with people and share stories, food and some wine. My house is all decked out in  holiday attire and beckons to have people experience the magic that those holiday decorations, candles and colors evoke. 

I think, though, the real magic for me comes from being connected to the magical child within me who remembers the wonder and beauty of this time of year. 

Yes, it can get busy, yes, it does take time to engage in “doing” the holidays, but I’ve learned that when I keep focused on what makes it feel good for me, than it feels good. 

If I get overstressed about all there is to do, then it doesn’t feel so good anymore.  I’ve also learned there are things I no longer desire to do…I’ve evolved from…and am choosing to let go of some things that in the past I was sure I had to and should do. 

So, in essence, I’ve learned over the years, to tune in to what feels good and best for my overall well being.  Then, I keep coming back to the “magic” of the season.

How is it going for you?  Are you tuned in to the magic and joy or are you focused on the “to do” lists and “there’s not enough time”?  Are you trying to do it all, yet coming up resentful or worse, exhausted and sick? 

Naturally, this is the time of the year when things can be quite hectic and the spirit and magic of the Holidays seem like some long ago fantasy. It can seem less than peaceful, that’s for sure.

So, what to do?  How can you continue for the next 10-11 days of the year staying sane and feeling more joy than more stress, and maybe a little magic, too? 

It’s really very simple:
Give to you first and all the other aspects of the holidays will fall into place-really

Give yourself some needed down time, give yourself time to simply sit and be.

Stare at the tree, the decorations, the hannukah lights, whatever it is you have in your home for the holidays and just be present to what is there.

It will give you relief, restoration and an inner peace that will set the tone for the rest of your holidays.  You will find yourself feeling more joy, perhaps even remembering the magic… if you allow yourself to let go, let be and be in the moment.  Try it, it’s goodwill unto thyself! 

Then, you can give with heart and enjoy the “presence” you receive this holiday and feel the magic!

I’d love to hear how you are doing this holiday season.  Post a comment!

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