GastroBandHypnosis-Use Your Mind Instead of Surgery!

GastroBandHypnosis-Use Your Mind Instead of Surgery!

I’m happy to announce a special training I’ve just completed in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

I decided to take this training so I could offer people who’ve been struggling with excessive weight issues, a much easier, safer and no side effects method of getting rid of that unhealthy weight and fat once and for all.

This powerful hypnosis weight “release” program has been clinically tested and proven to be a fast and healthy way to lose weight.


I’m excited, as I’ve been working with weight release clients for a long time.

They always have positive results with changing their mindset to one that is supportive to a healthy lifestyle and gets them going in the right direction to continue to lose weight, be healthy and fit.

Yet, I know there are many people out there who have more than 10, more than 20 pounds to get rid of. They have 30, 50, 60 and more to lose.

Being excessively overweight and/or obese is not only stressful emotionally and mentally, it is extremely stressful for the body.

Most overweight or obese folks have tried every diet, every exercise routine and many other ways to lose the weight.  They are desperate for some changes quickly.


This might be you….or someone you know.Many people who are very overweight or obese, begin to consider surgical LapBand®.


This requires invasive surgery.  A physical band is placed around the top portion of the stomach to make the stomach smaller.  They then have a tube that extends from the band inside to the outside of the body in order for the physician to inflate or deflate the bands’ tightness as needed.

There are lots of reported side effects with this surgical procedure.


Besides for having to be on a liquid diet for some time, there is often pain from the surgery, upset stomach issues, and other serious complications that can occur when general anesthesia has been used and the body has undergone the trauma of such a procedure.

There is another way: Drum roll please:

Using The Power of the Mind!

That’s where


comes in!

Our minds are very powerful!

You’ve experienced this yourself many times…just by thinking about a certain food, you can cause your salivary glands to secrete in anticipation of it.

When watching a suspenseful movie or TV show, your heart rate will exhilarate, all due to your imagination of what might happen….

It’s your imagination at work, isn’t it?  It taps right into the unconscious aspect of the mind that is connected to the body….

and it causes a change in heart rate, salivation, or perhaps a happy feeling of warmth due to what you are imagining/thinking about.

People can slow down their heart rates, too, as well as stop bleeding to an injury, get rid of phobias…stop smoking, and much more….all because of the power of the mind.


Now you can imagine a “virtual” gastroband being placed and your stomach is smaller in your mind.

Imagine that!

This GastroBandHypnosis™ program requires:

  • NO Surgery

The results:


Being guided to the powerful imagination of the mind, makes this possible  and more!

If you or anyone you know, would like to learn more and see if you are qualified to participate in this program, go to 

to register for your free consult.





 Along with the free consult, each person receives a free audio to get started on the right track….whether they qualify or choose to participate or not.

Instead of waiting until January, take action this month of December and get a head start on the “after holiday” new year’s resolutions of “losing weight”.

Beginning right now gives anyone a big head start to the New Year’s “lose weight” expectations!

Anyone who qualifies to begin the program in December will receive a great “December Special Fee” of $300.00 off the regular fee!


Check it out now or pass this on to someone you know who will appreciate knowing there is a safe, no surgical way to get the same results as a lapband that was surgically placed.


As a Stress Relief Specialist, I know this stressful situation can be eased with the power of the mind!

 If your health is compromised by your weight, please step up for YOU!

This is key to having the life you truly desire!

Take action for your health now!  Your life needs you to do this!


Comments below: What do you think of using your mind to make your stomach smaller?


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