Fun: A Natural Stress Reliever!

Well, I did it! I had the most fabulous dance party for my 60th Birthday celebration!

I had such fun, that I can barely contain myself when I talk about it! The fun-ness (if there is such a word) keeps exuding out of me!  Yes, that’s me in the purple, dancing with a little 3 year old person, who we can’t see!

I was blessed with many friends and family who were physically there and those who were not able to attend, but who were there in spirit, having a good time along with me. The food was great, the environment just right and the DJ was a kick! He got everyone out there, engaged and moving!

What was evident to me is that when we’re having fun like that, it’s absolutely contagious! I could see how people’s faces were lit up with joy while dancing or even just watching or having conversations. Fun and good times were “in the air” and one could not help but feel it. Talk about a stress reliever! Wow!

Stress, fun and enjoyment just can’t occupy the same space that’s for sure.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to get some stress relief, try doing something that’s absolutely fun to you-no should’s involved-make it something that is really fun and you’ll discover, like I did, just how wonderful it feels and how contagious it is to those around you!

I believe I just created a new paradigm for myself for the next decade (and of course beyond…but I’ll start here) and that is:

Having fun is the key to staying engaged, alive and a quick way to relieve stress in life!

Would love to hear how YOU have fun to get those stressful thoughts and feelings out of your mind and body!

Leave your comments below.

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  • Dancing and listening to uplifting music is a lot of fun Jackie! I love to put on lively music when I’m doing something that isn’t much fun, like house cleaning. It lifts my mood and my attitude and gets it done quicker. Calming meditative music gives a lovely loving and calm energy, so connects me to my inner being which is also wonderful. I love your intention for fun creating the energy you want to exude for the next decade Jackie! 🙂

    • Thanks Louise, for sharing how you transform “don’t want to do it” energy into one that allows you to feel better and actually accomplish something in less time than it would’ve taken had you fallen prey to the stressful thoughts about it.


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