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Ah…I love this time in the Northwest. Spring is showing off her lovely colors and blossoms. The greens are brilliant and it seems there is color everywhere. I also love how it keeps changing almost daily as Mother Nature births the fruits of her winter labor.

Wherever you are, I hope you are seeing and experiencing Mother Nature’s beauty, too. I hope her creations are inspiring you to be present to what she offers and what you, too can create when you focus on what lights you up and engages you.

As Spring is certainly the time for growth, I want to share with you some exciting changes happening in my life and Healing Hypnotherapy.

In just a couple of weeks, my husband and I will be venturing out on a 6 week journey in Europe. This is something we’ve been planning for a long while and sometimes it’s hard to believe we’re almost on the plane!

It will be an amazing trip that starts off in Iceland, proceeds on to Malta, Sicily and the Adriatic Coast of Italy. We’ll also spend a few days in Venice, as well as the Dolomites, getting in some hiking in those gorgeous Italian mountains.

After that, we’ll top our trip off in the Cinque Terre, known as the 5 fishing villages where you can walk from one village to the next while enjoying some incredible scenery along the way.

I’m very excited to be taking this adventure. My husband and I love traveling, experiencing new places and getting out of our regular routines.

One of the things both my husband and I keep asking ourselves as we prepare for this amazing experience is: “Who will we each be when we get back?”

It’s something to ponder, isn’t it? When we take ourselves out of our regular activities and life….how does that affect us? Who are we? And, even a better question, what do new experiences do for our lives?

I am imagining it’s like a “springtime of the mind.” New growth, brilliant colors, and new synapses of the brain naturally get created when we engage in new experiences, thoughts and behaviors.

I know I will have lots more to share with you when I return.

Meanwhile, “Mind Matters” will still be published in my absence. It’s one of those projects on the big to-do list before I leave.

You will also be receiving quick notices of a wonderful online giveaway event called Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Free Gifts. I have participated in this before and am doing so once again. But, besides for what I have to offer, there are tons of free audios, e-books and more. Please take the time to check it out and pass it on to your friends and family.

In the articles section, I’ll be giving you one stress relief tool each month. These are taken from the book I’m currently writing on stress relief.

You’ll be getting a head start before the book is published sometime later this year!

The tools and tips are simple, yet effective, for de-stressing and having more calm and joy in your life. They will support  you in creating new neural pathways in your brain, too, without even needing to leave home!

Feeding your mind with thoughts and visions which promote health, well being and joy is really the ultimate adventure we all can take.

And, you will feel good. The better you feel…the easier it is to keep feeling better and getting the results you desire.

I will be posting pictures and stories on my Healing Hypnotherapy Facebook page, so be sure to keep checking in. I want to stay connected, so I’d love for you to post a comment or two along the way. I will be honored to receive them.

When I get back in June, I’ll be ready for what’s next, so stay tuned!



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