Do you need a change of perspective about your body?

Do you need a change of perspective about your body?
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“You can’t hate yourself happy. You can’t criticize yourself thin. You can’t shame yourself worthy. Real change begins with self-love and self-care.”

— Jessica Ortner

How do you think and feel about your body?

I recently read that over 73% of men and a whopping 86% of women are unsatisfied with their bodies. 

I’m not surprised, as it’s fairly common in our modern culture to feel pressure to look a “certain” way. 

That “certain” way is often unrealistic standards of what our bodies are supposed to look like, leading us to feel “less than,” “not good enough,” insecure, and creating a negative body image.

As we approach the summer months, having a poor body image can get exacerbated.

Now is the time to stop the outside and inside pressures and cultivate a healthy positive body image for YOU!

As a hypnotherapist mind coach, I can tell you that using your powerful mind to cultivate a positive body image is not only possible, it’s empowering and a game changer. 

When you have a positive body image, your confidence soars, you have healthy boundaries that won’t allow others to define you and you eat foods and move your body from a place of knowing what works best for you. 

I like this quote by Jessica Ortner, one of the founders of The Tapping Solution

“You can’t hate yourself happy. You can’t criticize yourself thin. You can’t shame yourself worthy. Real change begins with self-love and self-care.” 

How do you love yourself when you’ve been consumed with criticizing yourself and feeling unworthy because your body is not “perfect?”

It may not be easy, but it’s doable. 

You start with affirming and acknowledging your body for what it is right now. 

Then, you learn what stories you’ve been telling yourself that are keeping you bound to the negative image you have of your body and yourself. 

These are limiting beliefs and they aren’t serving you well at all. 

When you get rid of those limiting beliefs and create new ones that align with your desire to feel your best self in mind, body, and spirit, you step up into unlimited possibilities for your health and well-being. 

And…You cultivate a healthy positive body image. 

Here are a couple of things you can do right now to begin a different dialogue about your body. 

Make a list of 10 things you like/love about your BODY. 

I’ll use me/my body as an example. 

  • I love my high cheekbones. 
  • I love my blue eyes. 
  • I love my strong muscles. 
  • I feel happy being 5 feet 1.5 inches. 
  • I love my smile
  • I have great teeth.
  • I love my short hair.
  • I’m happy with the shape of my body. 
  • I like my longish neck. 

Granted, I may not like everything about my body, but that’s ok. I can still love it and me with its inevitable flaws and imperfections. 

The more you do this type of exercise, the more you can appreciate your body and how beautiful it is, just as it is. 

Naturally, you can include the functionality of your body, but if you want to focus on cultivating a positive body image, then start with what you see when you really lovingly look at yourself. 


Make a list of the things you know your body likes and loves. 

For example: 

Maybe your body loves to get a massage.

  • Mine does! 

Maybe your body likes to walk or jog or run. 

Maybe your body likes to feel strong-what can you do to have it feel strong?

  • Strength training? Kickboxing? Yoga? Balance work?

Perhaps your body loves to stretch-what can you do to satisfy it? 

  • Yoga? daily gentle stretches?

By making a list of what your body likes and/or loves, then taking action to actually do these activities, you are taking a positive step in self care, showing respect for your body and will begin to establish a much more kind, compassionate and loving relationship with it. 

These are just 2 ways you can begin to cultivate a more positive body image. 

There are many more. 

I encourage you to discover how getting rid of the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors about your body will cultivate a new paradigm for you not only for your body, but in all areas of your life. 

I feel this is a really important topic, as so many clients that initially come to me for weight loss, are stuck in the mindset that something is “wrong” with their bodies. 

When they delve into the old stories and limiting beliefs through hypnotherapy, tapping and other modalities I work with, they can let go of the negatives about their bodies and begin healing and move forward. 

They find they can release excess weight naturally, not due to beating themselves up or disliking their bodies, but because they learned from their unconscious minds what their bodies really need and want-not what the culture says it should be. 

And, they come to love and appreciate their bodies. 

If having a positive body image is an area of your life that you’d like to shift, I’d love to support you in doing so. 

Be sure to get yourself scheduled for a complimentary “discovery call” by completing the form on this link.
I will get back to you as soon as I receive the notification and get you on my schedule as soon as I can. 

Meanwhile, please give yourself some self-care by indulging in the 2 processes I gave you in this article. 

I’d love to hear how it went for you. Email, Call or text, and let me know. 



Do You Need a Change of Perspective About Your Body?

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