Attitude of Gratitude!

I recently attended a family wedding in Florida. It was a lovely wedding and a chance to re-connect with my family in that part of the US.


After the wedding, my husband and I spent 2 days right on Clearwater Beach at a beautiful luxurious hotel thanks to a family member who works there and secured us a fabulous room!


We walked the beach, took a boat ride to watch dolphins and just relaxed and enjoyed our time away from our normal routines.

We really appreciated our special time there!

When we returned to Seattle, we returned to unusually cold weather for this time of the year and then woke up that next morning to snow! And, it snowed all weekend on and off!

It was pretty amazing to have been out in the sun and 80 degree weather 2 days before and then being suddenly into the low 30’s with snow.

I found it interesting to observe how I was thinking and feeling about these contrasting experiences.

Since I love it when it snows, it was fairly easy to just go with the flow of it, but there were still inner murmurings about how it wasn’t sunny and warm anymore, how this was too soon (even for a snow lover), how it was so nice to be on the beach….etc, etc.
Then, I decided to consciously change my focus to how magical it was and how I love it when it snows!!

I also focused on how fortunate my husband and I were to have been able to be in Florida when we were and to have experienced the sun and warmth and the playfulness of the dolphins.

It changed how I was feeling.

Instead of complaining and feeling agitated by the external circumstances of weather, I experienced gratitude for what we’d had in Florida and how I now got to enjoy and marvel at the unique phenomena of early snow in Seattle.

When I made that decision to fully appreciate both situations without feeling the loss of one or the burden of the other, I allowed myself to really be present, to feel open and to receive the gifts I’d been given on both sides of the US!

Gratitude truly is an attitude.

We can cultivate the attitude of gratitude by consciously choosing to shift our attention to being thankful, even if in the moment we don’t “feel” like it.

Recognizing that feelings can easily come and go, when we decide to intentionally harvest positive attitudes such as love, joy and gratitude, we literally change how we experience our world.

That’s what happened to me.

It wasn’t a life changing event, yet it changed how I was thinking and feeling right then and there. I felt a lot better than I had been feeling moments before.

As we approach our American holiday of Thanksgiving, a time we often think about what we are thankful for, including the bounty of the foods we partake in, I’d like to invite you to shift your focus on what it is you appreciate in your life right now. It can big or small or both!

What is it in your world, when you look at from the perspective of an open heart, love or simple appreciation, allows you to shift from feeling distressed, discontented or just plain ole “out of sorts,” to more inner calm, aliveness and/or feeling grounded?

If you take a few moments right now and give yourself this experience of shifting your focus from what it is you are feeling not so good about, to something that turns the lights on the darker feelings, even if it’s just a small shift from where you were, it’s guaranteed to open the gates of your heart to good feelings of well-being, joy, peace and love.

Now, that’s something to be thankful for!

Enjoy the experience!

Wishing you and your family, friends and even your furry kids a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!



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Comments below on gratitude greatly appreciated!



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