This Four Letter Word Is Powerful

Here’s a story for you about that 4 letter word: Ook and Mook, two cavemen, were out for a walk one day when a saber-toothed cat crossed their path. While Ook immediately turned tail and ran to safety, Mook thought the cat was cute and tried to scratch it under the chin. Needless to say, Ook wound up passing his common sense to his children, while Mook wound up passing through the cat. What does that mean for us? It means that fear is as closely tied to the survival of our species as eating.…

Taming Fear, the Little Word with a Big Voice

Fear talks to people. And when they listen, this is what can happen: Sheila loved to dance but she wouldn’t go out on the dance floor with her fiancé because she thought she’d look clumsy and ridiculous. Arnie knew he deserved a raise, but he was so nervous about approaching his boss, he never asked for one. Delia’s fear of bears was so great that she wouldn’t go on a camping trip with her friends. And their campsite wasn’t even in bear territory. Fear is that nattering voice inside our heads that says, you can’t,…

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