Are you Sabotaging Yourself? Take this quiz to find out!

Self Quiz & Article by Jackie Foskett Habitual lateness. Extreme disorganization. Not following up sales leads. Eating foods not on your food plan. Self-sabotage takes on a variety of guises and affects people of all ages, professions and economic levels. But it always leads to our not living the life we want for ourselves. Take this Self-Quiz to see where you you might be working against yourself. There’s no scoring, it simply will allow you to see where you may be working against yourself instead of for yourself. It takes me at least a half…

Ready to Make THIS Year Extraordinary?

Ready to Make This New Year Extraordinary? It’s the beginning of a new year and it’s time to hit the refresh and reset buttons! I am totally in on looking forward to a “new” year, as so many people are-especially after the year we just had with the pandemic and all the political and social unease. Yet, as tempting as it is to make a list of all the things I want to achieve this year and call them my New Year’s Resolutions, I haven’t done it, nor will I. Why? Because New Year’s Resolutions…

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