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Laughter for the Health of It!

Do you need a good laugh? Laughter is one of the greatest medicines we have! It’s natural and it’s free! I attended a “Laughter yoga” class at the HypnoThoughts.Live conference led by fellow hypnotherapist, Dave Berman. It was so funny to simply engage in these laughter exercises. It quite contagious and amazingly exhilarating! Laughter yoga […]

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Having fun!

I’ve been in “Summertime mode!”

I’ve been quiet for awhile. The reason: it’s summertime! As I noted in my last ezine, summertime is the time to play, restore, rest and be present to the wonders of Nature and life in general. Even while attending a hypnosis conference in Vegas, (Vegas is definitely in contrast to the calming effects of Nature!) […]

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