Special 4 Session Customized Hypnotherapy Mind Coaching Program

Special 4 Session Customized Hypnotherapy Mind Coaching Program

As a participant of the 5 Day Happiness Challenge and if going deeper-to dismantle those old limiting beliefs, heal old wounds of the heart, or anything else that is keeping you from experiencing your best self in mind, body and spirit and your connection to your happiness, is something you’d like to do….then my private one on one program of 4 sessions of hypnotherapy mind coaching is for you.

Ponder these questions:

What keeps you from consistently being connected in?

Are you too busy and overwhelmed in your daily life?

Do you hold any limiting beliefs that block your happiness because_____ fill in the blank.

(life is hard, being overweight is in my family, it’s too hard to be consistent, everyone else had it better than me, I’m a parent and have no time)

I have been doing this work for over 20 years now…and I can tell you, when my clients do this inner work

they stop feeling like they don’t know what to do about whatever and they stop feeling hopeless.

They gain more confidence in themselves and their ability to resolve issues that come up.  They’re happier. They feel better about themselves and others in their lives. They experience positive changes.

And…they feel energized, focused and on purpose.

Would you like some of that?

If so, here’s the special offer-as an appreciation of you being in my first challenge on happiness!

Work with me in a private one on one 4 Session program.

This is a program customized for you.

My 4 Session program normally costs $685.00.

If you were to just have 1 single session with me, it’s $215. Programs allow more time and a reduced cost per session.

Right now for you, a Happiness Challenge participant, this 4 Session program will cost you only: $480.00.

That’s a huge savings to work with me one on one and have the sessions customized to you.

If you’re ready, here is the link to pay $480.00 in full. Or See below for more options.

I get to know you and what you are seeking to change and transform at a much more in depth level than I could if we did this in a group program.

Don’t get me wrong-Group programs are great and do provide a lot of value as well, but you really get to move deeper and faster results with one on one’s.

You’ve learned over these last 5 days how important connecting into your happiness is for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being is, right?

Then you probably have realized that there’s a lot more “blockers”  to that connection to explore and transform.

Working one on one, we’ll be able to discover what they are, how they are running you from your subconscious mind and get rid of them, so you can be freed up for more happiness.

In case you need any more incentives, to do this powerful work for yourself,  I’ve got a few great bonuses for you.

If you enroll before midnight on Sunday, you will receive these bonuses:

The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone But Themselves” book signed by me and sent to you.

A Special Digital Journal you can print out to use as your grateful journal as well as your journey to knowing more happiness.

And, access to any one of my audios in my “store” on my website free of charge.

Plus, as a client, you’ll receive many other different resources to support you on your journey to your best self in mind, body and spirit, such as recorded audios during your process work, handouts to guide you and more.

Here are the links to purchase your special customized 4 session program.

You can pay $480.00 in full right now or do a 2 pay of $240.00 each. First $240 now, second $240 1 month later. Subscription ends on last payment.

Pay in full: $480.00 at special price.

Pay $240.00 for 2 monthly automatic payments. It will end after second payment.

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