Refresh, Reset & Reconnect in 2021

Refresh, Reset & Reconnect in 2021

Are you ready to leave the stresses, anxieties, worries and uncertainties of 2020 behind?

Ready to let go of the weariness and the burdens of all the negativity and fears that encapsulated all of us in 2020?


2020 was the epitome of a year of worries, fears, stress, anxiety and uncertainties. Wow!

We not only were dealing with the worries about the pandemic, but also so much social unrest.

2020 was such a hard and challenging year for so many people and caused many of us to lose hope and faith that it would get better.

There are still many challenges ahead for all of us here in 2021, as the pandemic has not disappeared and angst about the vaccine, its availability and the economy still have yet to be resolved.

Yet, there is much more hope on the horizon.

And, the hope and brighter future you can have starts WITHIN YOU!


Now, more than ever, as we move through this new year, we all need a refresh, reset and re-connect with ourselves, our families, our work and our lives.

Healing Hypnotherapy’s program will give you that and so much more.

Refresh, Reset, & Reconnect in 2021

This program is for you if you:

Are ready for a more positive mindset in 2021

Want more ease and lightness in your daily life

Are ready to make consistently healthy choices in food, exercise and how you communicate with family, friends and co-workers

Want to let go of all those thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you in fear, anxiety and despair

And, most importantly-are ready to feel more joy in your life again!


If any of the above speaks to you, then you are ready to accept this invitation to join in an amazing program


Learn how to stop the monkey mind of worry, stress and anxiety in its tracks by engaging your inner mind in empowering ways, so you can feel more energized, more joy and more confidence in

2021-no matter what is going on in the world!

 Here’s why you’ll want to accept this invitation into the program:

Stress, Worry, Overwhelm & Anxiety are not only a huge problem in our culture in general,

but now since the pandemic, even more so!

And, they are robbing you of your vitality, your health, and your joy in life.

That is not how you are meant to live!


Join in with a community of like minded individuals who want the same for themselves, their families and their friends!

What’s unique about this program?

It’s 3 months long.

That consistency is what you’ll love to keep you focused on having a life that is more joyful-regardless of of the challenges in your life.


Here’s some logistics of how this will program will “roll” and the amazing results of what you’ll receive by joining this program.

  • We will meet every 2 weeks for 3 months.

  • In between each meeting (virtual) you will get either short videos and/or audios delivered to your inbox to keep you motivated, inspired and on track.

  • You will have access to a group community that supports you through your processes.

  • You will learn what limiting beliefs are, identify yours, and be fully on board to letting them go.

  • You will experience inner mind process work that supports your subconscious in releasing those limiting beliefs and creating new empowering ones.

  • You will learn and practice easy tools for stopping the monkey mind thoughts in their tracks.

  • You will learn strategies and practices that build a foundation of emotional resilience that support you through any upheavals in your life.

  • You will learn and practice self compassion-a necessary component in moving through life with more ease and grace.

  • You will break the “habit” of worrying, stressing and feeling out of control

  • You will stop knee jerk negative reacting to external circumstances

  • You will gain more energy, feel lighter, refreshed and reconnected to your authentic self.

  • You will feel confident and assured as you move forward fully engaged in your life!


As I want this to be easy for you to join in on this amazing transformational program, I’m giving you a huge incentive-a very affordable price of just $397.00!

And to make it even easier, there are 2 different payment options!

See below for which payment works best for you.

For 3 months of consistent change work, with an experienced Stress & Anxiety Relief Specialist, and for results that will be life changing,

You can join in this program for just


It’s easily valued at $1200!

Plus you get additional support on the in between weeks via the group interactions and audios sent to your inbox.






Save $200.00 by enrolling now!

To make it real easy, there are 2 ways to pay:

Pay in full: $397.00

Best value

2 Pay Option: $212.50

Easy Peasy!






A very great price for 3 months of coaching, hypnosis, stress and anxiety relief strategies, letting go of limiting beliefs and transforming your life!

Enroll NOW and show yourself you are committing to being your best self in mind, body and spirit in 2021!


I’m looking forward to being your guide during the first 3 months of 2021 and witnessing your transformation!

See you there!

Sherpa Jackie!














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