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Recent Articles
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Are You FOR or Against YOU?
Article by Jackie Foskett, June 2011

Imagine you are standing in front of a full-length mirror. Naked. You have been asked to gaze at yourself for two minutes.

Now take a quick inventory of the feelings that were aroused by this suggestion.  Read more.

Could You Be Sabotaging Yourself?
Self Quiz & Article by Jackie Foskett, May 2011

Habitual lateness. Extreme disorganization. Not following up sales leads. Eating foods not on your food plan. Self-sabotage takes on a variety of guises and affects people of all ages, professions and economic levels. But it always leads to our not living the life we want for ourselves.  Read more.

Happy New Year!
Read Jackie’s message for the New Year!  January 2011

“As 2010 comes to a close and 2011 begins, I want to take this time to thank you for being part of my community.  I appreciate you taking your valuable time to read these e-newsletters and to participate with me in the various services I offer. ” Read more.

How Do You Want to Feel This Holiday Season?
Article by Jackie Foskett, December 2010

Happy Holidays!  I love the Holidays, yet I’m always amazed at how quickly they seem to come around each year.  I attribute this “time distortion” to my full life and the many choices I have in what I do and experience on a daily basis.  Read more.

Gratitude as a Way of Life
Article by Jackie Foskett, November 2010

The benefits of feeling appreciation and gratitude are numerous.  Yet, we often get distracted by what we don’t have in our lives, which keeps us feeling less joy, more discouraged and sometimes even resigned to a life of “nothing ever changes”.  Read more.

The Power of Listening
Article by Jackie Foskett, October 2010

The subconscious hears….

I recently shared a story on my Facebook business page about a client who called for smoking cessation.  It’s such a great story, I want to share it with you, too.  Read more.

Do you know why Change can be so Challenging?
Article by Jackie Foskett, September 2010

Do any of these sentences (or something similar) sound familiar?

I’ll start eating better tomorrow.
I’m going to start my diet next week for sure!
I’ll start exercising tomorrow.
I know I need to stop smoking, but it’s too hard.
That person always gets me so stressed out!

Read more.

5 Tips to Engage Your Motivational Zing!
Article by Jackie Foskett, August 2010

Focus on what you want

It’s not about what you don’t want, it’s about what you DO want.  That’s what will give you motivational “zing”!  So, be sure to define what it is you want to have, do, or begin.  Be clear.  Have you ever tried focusing in on something fuzzy?  Doesn’t feel good, does it?  Be clear and you’ll feel the energy of your goal. Read more.

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