Heart Focused Breathing for Valentine’s Day

Heart Focused Breathing for Valentine’s Day

Feeling stressed, anxious, or worried can upset your heart’s natural coherent rhythms, which in turn send electromagnetic signals to the brain to release stress hormones.

By focusing in on your heart as you breathe and engaging in a positive emotional feeling, you are supporting your heart’s innate intelligence to get back into a state of coherence.

This quick exercise is a modified version on “The Quick Coherence Technique” created by The Heart Math Institute, and is Stress Relief Tool #4 in my book:

The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone But Themselves

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Focus your attention in the area of your heart. It is helpful to simply place one or both hands over your heart.
  2. Begin taking some deep breaths…with your focus on your heart….as if your heart were your lungs.
  3. Enhance this process by thinking of someone or something in your life you are appreciative of…or simply love very much.
  4. Do this for 3-5 minutes, as you keep bringing your attention and awareness into your heart and what you appreciate.

Notice how you feel after a few minutes.

I’m imagining you are feeling much calm and inner peace.

Maybe you even have an “inner smile” activated.

Do this often and you’ll fill yourself up love and feelings of well being!

It’s simple, yet very effective!

Happy Love to you from the inside out!


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