Check in: Are you having fun?

How’s your summer going? Are you taking some leisure time? Getting in some play time? Are you in summertime mode yet? Would love to hear on the comments below! Where I live in the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle area, we have had an amazing summer this year. Not too hot (until this week!) and no […]

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When is the last time you played like a kid?

In our busy, 24/7 connected modern lives, the focus tends to sway heavily on work and family commitments and taking time for pure fun seems to be something we remember we once did, but no longer do!  Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we’ve stopped playing. But just because we’re adults, that doesn’t mean we have […]

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The Stress Relief Specialist Gets Stressed!

Stress-I have to confess, I had 2 incidents recently that really stressed me out. Hint: look for the Tip included! Yup, the Stress Relief Specialist got stressed out-enough so that I was in tears as I tried to explain a technical problem to someone who might help me. I’ll just tell you about the one […]

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